Lance Howard

Operations Manager

Hunting and a life spent exploring the outdoors has been a passion of mine for over 30 years. I was 5 years old when my dad introduced me to quail hunting and from that I developed a deep sense of respect for both nature and wildlife. I’ve been able to turn that passion into a career that is built around wildlife management and hunting operations. As a guide for Nature’s Eye, I am now able to pass along my love of the outdoors to future generations and help preserve this way of life for all to enjoy.

Brandon Tucker

Director of Development

“My entire life I have been an outdoor enthusiast and woodsman passionately pursuing God's most elusive creatures. From the Hill Country of Texas to the mountains of Alaska, I have pursued everything from whitetail deer to Rocky Mountain elk. After serving 13 years as a United States Navy SEAL sniper my skills as a marksman, navigator, leader, and general woodsman have been honed to a fine edge.”

Steven Harbuck

Project Foreman

“I’ve been in the outdoors ever since I was 8. My grandpa got me involved in hunting and fueled my passion for the great outdoors. I’ve been helping others fuel their passion for a couple years by guiding them on hunts with Nature’s Eye. The excitement of helping others get their trophy is just as rewarding as getting my own.”

301 John Modisette Rd 
Pollok, Texas 75969